A downloadable game for Windows

Contain the inhabitants of an isolated island as they try to escape your wrath.  Utilize your fearsome Kraken, unleash thunderstorms, whirlpools and volcanoes to destroy outgoing ships.  Collect the souls of drowning sailors to increase your power and progress to higher waves.  Don't let the puny mortals complete bridges or they will escape beyond your clutches.

Install instructions

1. Download folder

2. Extract files

3. Run: Weather God.exe.


Weather God Executable.zip 14 MB


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This game is dope. I like the U.I. that was implemented. It really helps me navigate the map better and helps me keep track of my options against the enemy. Adding health bars to the enemies was the smartest decision made for this game. I gives me a sense that I'm actually doing damage to the enemy. The Kraken animation is really good. I would like to see more animations and more everything. Good shit!

Great game. Loved playing it every time. Only wish you could sell the towers, wish there were more towers and boats in the game.

Very immersive and creative game. Graphics are amazing, the sound/music really make it fun, and the upgrade system really enhances the game and makes you want to continue playing. The only confusion I have is when the bridge builders reach the island. Do you automatically lose the game? Because they've reached the island and my health dropped from 90 to 0.